since 1985

Emergency number: 97776543

About us

In the year 1985 we commenced the built-up service of our company NK Eletrical at the corner of Apostolou Varnava 1B & Xryseleousas within the Strovolos area, where our line of expertise fell into the field of electrical and telephone installations together with the sale of electrical appliances. In 1990 we became a limited company NK Eletrical Ltd, up scaling our line of business through to larger scale constructional electrical and telephone installations throughout Cyprus. In 1999 we moved to the Makedonitissis 72 within the Strovolos area, in a modern self-owned building with three floors where everything has been oriented to a flow of organizational structure, mechanicalism, servicing with the same friendly environment like it was once was back in 1985.

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